Calling All Homeschoolers!

Are you ready for an honest, accurate, gospel-centric way to teach U.S. History and Civics?

Look No Further! Watch Below

U.S. History and Civics are beautiful topics that speak to the human condition, views around relationships, people, and our fallen nature as human beings…. If only we all saw it that way!

Unfortunately, the problem with the way these topics are usually taught is they are skewed with liberalism and woke-ism, factual inaccuracies, or individual biases. (Or it’s just super boring!)

So how do you teach U.S. History and Civics in an honest way that also molds students into impactful citizens while also teaching them in a way that incorporates a biblical worldview?

Say hello to….

  •  A fun, engaging learning experience
  • Impactful teaching that challenges both sides of the story, 
  • Teaching methodology that teaches your student HOW to think, and involves them in every step of the conversation,
  • And… an environment that is almost as fun as your student’s favorite TikTok influencer’s channel!