United States History
Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord. – Psalm 33:12
2022/2023 Syllabus
General Objectives
All students should understand certain basic historical information. By the end of the school year, the students should be able to identify:
  • God’s involvement in the various areas of U.S. History.
  • Continuity and change in the six spheres of human activity—politics, economics, religion, society, ideas, and art.
  • Continuity and change in foreign relations, including past wars and the roots of modern foreign policy.
  • The consequences of past decisions, good and bad, which testify to the truth of God’s Word with respect to U.S. History.
  • Major events and dates in each era, including major causes and effects.
  • Major individuals in U.S. History whose lives inspire or warn modern Americans.
  • The stages in the development of key issues in U.S. History: limited government, the political power (or lack thereof) of the common man, America’s unique culture, and the importance of religious belief/liberty.
  • How current representations of U.S. History can present a false narrative that is neither accurate nor fair (from both a liberal as well as a conservative perspective).
  • My main overall goal is to see the students become conversant in U.S. History from a biblical perspective so that they can learn to appreciate the blessings of being an American as well as being able to call out past (and present) abuses and injustice in a way that is consistent with the Gospel Narrative and God’s Word.
    Students are expected to stay current on chapter reading (critical), Section Quizzes, and Student Activity assignments.
    Homework should be completed with minimal parental input.
    Student Activities will be emailed for each chapter.
    There are 27-chapter tests in the BJU curriculum (we will only use 13 or 14), but no mid-term or final test. Tests consist of multiple choice, short answer, true/false, and 1-3 essay questions. ALL tests will be taken AT HOME and will be open book. I have decided to promote students engaging the material rather than just cramming in order to pass a test.
  • Chapter Tests = 50% of the final grade
  • Section Quizzes & Student Activities = 25% of the final grade
  • Class Participation = 25% of the final grade
  • I will probably give 3-5 extra-credit assignments throughout the school year. Some examples are:
  • Write a short paper critiquing Critical Race Theory 
  • Attend a fieldtrip to a historical location
  • Watch a fact-based historical movie and write a review
  • Engage with a breaking news story (written paper) that pertains to U.S. History or a current event that has historical significance (like Covid, for example)
  • I usually give anywhere from 10-20 extra-credit points per opportunity which get added to the overall test scores.
    Required Materials
    Textbook: United States History (5th Edition) by Joseph Jarrell, BJU Press, Greenville SC.
    Tests & Student Activities: These are provided via email.
    Contact Information
    If you have any questions, need some advice, or just want to share your comments on Foundations of Freedom, please contact me at:
    Email: [email protected]
    Website: www.thestevenobleshow.com
    Address: P.O. Box 99162, Raleigh NC, 27624
    Mobile: (919) 669-8293
    Detailed Class Schedule

    Week of 8/16 

    INTRO + Chapter 1: New and Old Worlds Meet
    Homework due before class:
    Homework due NEXT week:
    Week of 8/23 
    Chapter 1 (cont’d)
    Homework due NEXT week:
    Week of 8/30 
    Chapter 2: Thirteen Colonies
    Homework due NEXT week:
    Week of 9/6 
    Chapter 2 (cont’d)
    Homework due NEXT week:
    Week of 9/13 
    Chapter 3: Colonial Life
    Homework due NEXT week:
    Week of 9/20 
    Chapter 4: Religion in the American Colonies
    Homework due NEXT week:
    Week of 9/27 
    Chapter 4 (cont’d)
    Homework due NEXT week:
    Week of 10/4 
    Chapter 5: The Rising Storm (1689-1770)
    Homework due NEXT week:
    Week of 10/11 
    Chapter 6: Independence (1770-1783) (1689-1770)
    Homework due NEXT week:
    Week of 10/18 
    Fall Break
    Week of 10/25 
    Chapter 6 (cont’d)
    Homework due NEXT week:
    Week of 11/1 
    Chapter 7: The Critical Period (1781-1789)
    Homework due NEXT week:
    Week of 11/8 
    Chapter 8: The Federalist Years (1789-1801)
    Homework due NEXT week:
    Week of 11/15 
    Chapter 9: The Jeffersonian Era (1801-1825)
    Homework due NEXT week (after Thanksgiving):
    Week of 11/22 
    Thanksgiving Break!
    Week of 11/29 
    Chapter 10: The Age of Jackson (1820-1840)
    Homework due NEXT week:
    Week of 12/6 
    Chapter 11: The Growth of American Society (1789-1861)
    Homework due NEXT by first class in January:
    12/13 – 1/2 
    Christmas Break!