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Grades 8-12


“My teachers are boring...and so is history.”


“Why am I even learning this stuff? It doesn’t really matter.”


“We know so many parents whose child has left the faith or gone off the rails.”


“I’m not sure our teenager is ready to enter such an anti-Christian environment after they graduate.”


At Noble U, we believe teens deserve an education that goes beyond rote memorization. One that teaches them to analyze information, question assumptions, and form their own thoughtful opinions… all through the lens of a solid biblical worldview:

  • Subjects that provide cultural engagement.
  • Captivating and engaging teaching style.
  • Incorporating current events to create relevance.
  • Lively discussions where all perspectives are welcomed and discussed.
  • Building critical thinking skills.
  • Developing a functional biblical worldview.
  • Cultivating a Gospel Heart.
  • A healthy dose of humor!

With four unique subjects to choose from…

US History

Takes your student on a journey beginning in the 1400’s that leads to European contact with Native Americans and ends with the inauguration of Donald Trump. Along the journey, the course highlights major historical events that have shaped American history, and why they matter in our current cultural context. I begin the class with this truth: There is nothing new under the sun (Ecc. 1:9). America’s history is complicated and requires critical thinking to be able to discern the good, the bad, and the ugly.

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World History

World History guides students through the story of human history, starting with creation and continuing to the present. Students will analyze five key themes throughout history from a biblical perspective: justice, power, citizenship, movements, and world religions. As they trace the major patterns in world history, they will see how those themes point more and more clearly to the triumph of the kingdom of God. This class will always incorporate the news of the day to show real-world application of the course material and why it matters in the 21st century.

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Prepares your student for responsible citizenship with a discussion of the principles and mechanics of a constitutional republic. Material discussed includes the Constitution, in-depth insights into the three branches of government, political parties, elections, foreign policy, and more, all from a biblical perspective. Current events and breaking news incorporated into every class to bring the material ALIVE and give it RELEVANCE!

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Christian Ethics

Leads your student on a deep dive into theology, Christian worldview, and Christian ethical thinking. Once that foundation is built, we jump into the hot-button moral issues of the day: Abortion, Human Sexuality & Gender, Euthanasia, Environmentalism, Work and Vocation, Poverty, Human Cloning, Artificial Insemination, and Designer Babies. This class is best suited for Juniors and Seniors… the deep end of the pool.

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Class Options

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  • $550 per 2-semester course / $290 per 1-semester course
  • Discussion-based learning
  • Cary or North Raleigh location
  • Specific class times/days

Option 2

Online Classes
  • $550 per 2-semester course / $290 per 1-semester course
  • Done-for-you teaching and grading
  • Discussion sessions over Zoom
  • Convenient access from anywhere

Option 3

Audit the Class
  • $159 per class
  • All the content & none of the homework
  • Adult & students welcome
  • Get weekly videos via email

Textbooks Required

We utilize top curriculum from BJU Press and other trusted Christian publishers. View sample syllabi and required textbooks that you purchase for each course prior to class starting in the fall.

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