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At Noble U, our vision is to nurture thoughtful Christian leaders equipped to analyze issues through a biblical lens. We believe that grounding students in God’s truth is the best way to prepare them to critically yet graciously interact with opposing viewpoints.

That’s why we’ve developed high school courses focused on key subject areas from a Christian perspective:

US History

Examine the events and leaders who shaped America while evaluating their motivations, challenges, and decisions.

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World History

Explore history’s major turning points while discussing how biblical truths could have altered outcomes.

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Gain an understanding of America’s founding documents and political system. Discern how policy impacts faith and freedom.

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Christian Ethics

Learn how to form scripturally sound arguments around today’s most pressing ethical issues.

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Our Teaching Approach: Engaging and Relevant

At Noble U, classes are always lively and engaging! We incorporate timely topics and breaking news stories to spark discussion and highlight relevance. Small class sizes enable transformative dialogue around biblical principles.

I teach in real-time, meaning every week I incorporate that week’s news. Online students get the same class I teach that very same week.

Students gain public speaking skills, debate experience, critical thinking, and confidence in articulating a Christian perspective with grace and truth.


Meet the Founder

Steve Noble – follower of Jesus Christ, husband, father, teacher, podcast
host, activist, and speaker.

  • Steve hosted The Steve Noble Show from 2007-2023…3,300+ radio
    programs, 550k podcast downloads, and over 2M views of the show
    via Facebook Live, Rumble, and YouTube.
  • In January of 2024, the radio show made the leap to podcast only to
    allow Steve to focus more time and energy on growing Noble U.
  • Steve has taught 1,000+ high school homeschoolers since 2011 and
    launched NOBLE U in 2022 to offer his classes online, as well! He
    teaches Civics, U.S. History, World History, and Christian Ethics
    (Grades 8-12).
  • Steve earned a master’s degree in Ethics, Theology and Culture from
    Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary in 2018.
  • He has partnered with major ministries across America: Pastor Greg
    Laurie and the Harvest Crusades, David Jeremiah’s Turning Point,
    Family Research Council, Focus on the Family, The Truth Project,
    Museum of the Bible, Convoy of Hope, and many others.

Steve and his wife Gina have been married since 1992 and homeschooled
their 4 children for 17 years.

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